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About Uday Kulkarni

He is the only person in India to have gone and done a Master K9 dog trainer’s course from USA, way back in 1987. An alumnus of the renowned National K9 Institute of Columbus, Ohio, USA, Uday is trained in training dogs for K9 police work, personal protection, advanced obedience, attack work, etc.

He has shown and bred champion Great Danes, Caravan Hounds (an Indian breed like Grey Hound), Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherd Dog (GSD), Golden Retrievers and Long Haired Dachshund in dog shows all over India for more than 25 years. He was the President of the Great Dane Club of India (West), Committee Member of the German Shepherd Club of India and a Founder Member of the Mumbai Canine Club. He is also a member of the recently formed Indigenous Horse Society of Maharashtra that aims to promoting the Marwari Horse.

He featured in various TV programs and in the print media where he has been interviewed on a range of topics- right from keeping, breeding and training dogs to his expert opinion on the pet products industry and its future trends in India.

About Rajas Kulkarni

A zoologist by qualification, she studied veterinary nursing at the Bicton College of Agriculture, UK. She is in-charge of liaising with vets/ breeders/ clients regarding their queries about nutritional supplements marketed by Venttura. She works with the formulators to create new products, improvise on existing products as well as launching ‘first-of-its-kind’ products in the market. She has featured in an interactive local TV program about general pet care and behaviour. She has also written articles on pet care/ diseases, etc. for pet magazines.

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